Ziro Music Festival

Joining Ziro music festival means that you will experience India’s greatest outdoor music festival!

Every year, at the end of September, a small Ziro town gets very busy. People from around the world come here to sing and dance during these four days. This independent music festival scene attracts both local and international artists. Ziro festival has hosted renowned artists such as Steve Shelley, Lee Ranaldo, Indus Creed, Peter Cat Recording Company, Barmer Boys etc. This year, festival organizers promise to host more than 30 performances from around the world. Among them, Pakistani folk-jazz singer Natasha Umera Ejaz, Italian altrock band Gramlines and Indian Electronic Producer/Multi-instrumentalist Madboy.

Besides music, Ziro is also about exciting camping experience in the picturesque hilly landscape surrounding the venue. You will experience a perfect blend of music and nature from North-East India!

Ziro town, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro is a small town atop the hills in the North-East Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. This town is a home to Apatani tribal people, an agrarian tribe sharing a responsible relationship with nature. These people are very hospitable to an interesting culture and legacy. Ziro valley is lush with paddy farms and is popular for its unique paddy cum fish cultivation. Farmers rear fish in the knee-deep water by using traditional irrigation methods. Besides farmers, one can also spot adorable, shy, and harmless Indian Bisons.

In the past, Apatani women had customary facial tattoos. Even today, you can still find few old women with such facial tattoos. The people from this region are generally shy, please be respectful of local people. And before you to take a picture with them, kindly ask their permission.


Day 1:

We greet you at Guwahati Airport. Then take you to visit Kamakhya Temple. In the evening, we will a lovely dinner on the Brahmaputra river cruise after which, you will relax at Lokhra homestay.


Day 2

After breakfast, we travel to the city Tezpur. On the way, we will see the 3015 metres long bridge ‘Kolia Bhomora Setu’. In Tezpur, we will visit famous historical sites such as Agnigarh Fortress, Cole Park and the temple Hanuman Mandir. After the visit, you will relax at the hotel.


Day 3

We travel to the Ziro Valley. On our way, we will cross the city of Itanagar, the capital of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The drive to Ziro passes through a hilly terrain which makes the journey more exciting. After arrival, you will rest at the hotel.


Day 4 and 5

Festival days! We will enjoy Ziro Music festival for the next 2 days and nights! During this time, we sleep in tents near the festival venue.


Day 6

After breakfast, we will travel to Itanagar, where we spend time at the local market. There you get a chance to purchase exclusive North East Indian handicrafts and handlooms. Later, we will return to Tezpur and halt at night.


Day 7

After breakfast, we go to Tezpur Airport, to go home or explore another destination. Bid Adieu!.

Tour operator: Jungle Ideas, India

Travel Package includes the following:

  • Airport Transfers and Transportation during the entire journey
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Dinner during the entire stay
  • Bonfire expenses
  • Entrance to all National Parks/Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Restricted Area Permit for Arunachal Pradesh

Further customization is possible, please contact us.

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