Sziget Festival

Sziget translates to an island in the Hungarian language. This presents us with an island festival, the Sziget Festival. This festival is one of the biggest combination of music and culture in Europe since 1994.  This event takes place in August every year in Budapest, Hungary. This festival lasts for a span of over 7 days with over thousand performances by bands from all over the world. Originally, student groups started the Sziget Festival as a low-budget fest. Over the years, the event grew on a scale that the Island of Freedom attracts up to half a million visitors from around the globe. Each one can celebrate this festival in their own way with options and experience a combination of art and culture to its fullest. Furthermore, this festival ranks as one of the top 5 festivals held in Europe. Come join us and experience the mega event.


The city of Budapest has something to offer for each taste. From historic castle to beautiful panoramic views of the city. One can plan their stay as per their choices. Budapest is called ‘Pearl of the Danube’. The Danube is the river flowing across the city. And the cruise along the Danube adds a wonderful view of your memories. In addition, there are free walking city tours. Join the one that calls you and learn about the fascinating secrets the city holds. Furthermore, the ones with a sweet tooth can relish the delicious sweets of Hungarian kitchen. And Hungarian traditional food, for example, Langos, are not to be missed.  Additionally, art lovers can have the time of their trip to some beautiful museums. Music lovers can find themselves enjoying the opera at the famous Opera House. In conclusion, there is something for everyone to enjoy and make some amazing memories.

Includes the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Local transport
  • Sightseeing
  • English speaking tour guide

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