Semana Grande Festival

Semana Grande Festival takes place each year in the month of August. This 9 days long event covers everything that makes it the biggest festivals of north Spain. Semana Grande festival began in the 1970s to honor the Virgen de Begoña. The event also celebrates the traditions and culture of the Basque region. First of all, the start of the festival can be noticed by the appearance of a puppet called Marijaia. This puppet appears on Arriaga Theatre balcony. She depicts ‘ready to party’ with her hands always in the air.

Most of all, the heart of the festival is the musical performances that continue over all the days of the festival.  The festival proceeds all week with all possible entertainment. This includes concerts, bullfights, theater performances, workshops for children and fight with flour and eggs on the streets of Bilbao. Some of the noteworthy activities include ‘cut the wooden log while standing on it’ competition. This started as proving how strong the men of this region are. And during the daytime, strongest of men fight the bulls. Most of all, the fabulous fireworks display during the evenings will leave you mesmerized. Finally, the festival comes to an end on the 9th day by burning the Marijaia puppet so that she can be recreated the following year. And she will be ready to party again. In conclusion, come here and mix everything in these 9 days at Semana Grande festival!


Bilbao offers a lot more to tourists even after the festival ends. Being a culture lover, you would be pleased to know that the Guggenheim Museum marked on the map of Bilbao in the late 90’s. The buildings in Bilbao have unique designs. For example, centuries-old wine warehouse has turned into one of the most important hallmarks of the city. Bilbao La Vieja is the ideal place to enjoy some homemade beer and wine. Furthermore, the city offers not only public transport but also walking tours for tourists who love walking from one end to another end of the city.  The panoramic views from Artxanda, one gets there with the help of a cable car, is worth watching Bilbao from the top! And finally, there is nothing better than a long nap and walk on the beach, which is about 30 minutes away from Bilbao. Surfers get to surf and the rest can enjoy the waves and weather to its fullest.

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