Raas Leela Festival

Raas Leela Festival takes place on a full moon day and performed annually. It takes place in the month of November during autumn. It started in Majuli as a performing festival. There are various Satras in Majuli. Satras are Mahapuruxiya monasteries. Seems like, the Satra that first introduced Raam Leela is yet unknown. Nonetheless, during this festival, the ‘Satras’ draw a large number of people.

Raas Leela depicts the story of the life of Lord Krishna and in form of plays they are enacted. Virtually everyone from this town participates in this festival. Children act in plays, teachers lend voice to the characters. And businessmen and government employees recite hymns and songs. Raas Leela at Majuli turns into an all night long extravaganza with no ad breaks. Especially mesmerizing talents of the artists please everybody.

Assam, India

The State of Assam presents wonders of nature and also rich culture and heritage. First of all, it once bode home to the ‘Ahom Dynasty of Kings’. They won against the Mughals in the ‘Battle of Saraighat’. Furthermore, silk of Assam makes it famous. For example, ‘Muga’ (Golden) and the ‘Eri’ (Ahimsa) silk. Due to the weather conditions of Assam, the silkworms easily survive here. In addition, the world’s largest inhabited river island is ‘Majuli’. And the world smallest inhabited river island is ‘Umananda’. Both these islands made Assam their home.

The island of Majuli has a very rich heritage. Majuli has been the home to Assamese Vaishnavite culture. Consequently, this offers various options for spiritual and eco-tourism. This island has been the cultural capital and cradle of Assamese civilization since centuries. Pottery made in Majuli comes from beaten clay and burnt in driftwood fired kilns. This mode was carried out by the people of the ancient Harappan civilization. Also, the hand-loom work of the tribal people of Majuli is known internationally. Much as hand-loom marks as a major occupation for the people of Majuli, it mostly is a non-commercial occupation. In addition, fishing, dairying, pottery, boat making and mask making are the other important economic activities of this island.

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