Las Fallas Festival

Spain is famous for its unique and crazy street festivals, and Las Fallas festival is one of its kind. It takes place in Valencia, a city of over a million inhabitants, and this number triples during the event. Las Fallas Festival is a celebration of the coming of spring. It is a festival to say goodbye to winter, where locals farewell those cold days and even colder nights. People build giant ninots (puppets or dolls) out of cardboard, wood, paper machè and plaster, and then burn them. Spectacular fireworks set off from every angle. And of course, drinking sangria and dancing in the streets.

The ninots look lifelike and usually fit in with Spain’s current affairs, poking fun at Spanish politicians and celebrities. These massive structures are sometimes erected using cranes on the day of la plantà or the rising. The structures then remain here until 19th of March, the day of the burning. Young men wander around the city with axes making hard-to-spot holes in the ninots and stuffing them with full of fireworks. Just before midnight, the crowd of Valencia starts to chant and streetlights turn off. Finally at midnight, ninots are set on fire. What follows is an explosion of fireworks, roaring fires and full of excitement.

Valencia area, Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. The city lies on the banks of Turia River, fronting the Gulf of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea. The historic center of Valencia is one of the largest in Spain, with approximately 169 hectares. The city is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, a heritage of ancient monuments, views and cultural attractions. Visitors also enjoy wonderful old walled city, great modern architecture, clubs, restaurants, beaches and bars.

We stay at a camping site just outside Valencia at Pinedo. It is well connected to Valencia, we operate private shuttles to Las Fallas and visits to the town. Pinedo is located on a stretch of beautiful Mediterranean beaches. The campsite has full-time security, a bar, restaurant and shops on site, a great swimming pool with slide and clean amenities with great Spanish atmosphere.

Tour operator: Stoke Travel, Spain

Tour package includes the following:

  • Camping accommodation in pre-erected twin share tents with mattress and sleeping bag provided
  • Accomdation for two nights
  • Hot breakfast daily
  • Delicious dinner every night
  • Nightly transfers to and from Las Fallas
  • Experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem
  • Massive Stoke campsite party
  • Beach games

Further customization is also possible, please contact us.

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