Haro Wine Festival

Haro wine festival marked its beginning in the 13th century. This festival originally started to mark the borderlines between the neighbors of Haro. A few centuries later, people broke the tradition of using wine to form borders. Instead, they began throwing wine at each other. Thus, the tradition evolved into “War of Wine” or “Batalla del Vino”, as they call it in Spanish.

Every year, the wine festival takes place at the border of Haro. Haro is an influential part of Spain’s La Rioja region. This region is known for red wine production. Wine production and vineyards cover over forty percent of La Rioja region.

Getting back to the festival, the rules of the battle are simple. One must wear white shirt along with red scarves. The main focus of the event is to pour wine at everyone around or directly in their mouth. From sprayers to buckets, anything that helps to drench others is allowed during the event. This festival is not to be missed if you consider yourself a wine lover and have a fine taste for it.

Haro and its surrounding area

After the wine festival, everyone goes back to Plaza de la Paz, and the celebrations continue with food and drinks. Later that day, one can visit the bullring in the town. The activities include small female bulls chasing people in the ring. In short, don’t worry, these bulls are neither harmed nor consumed as part of the meal.

In the next days of your trip, you can further explore the town of wine by joining wine tasting tours. One can also visit the wine museum to learn the history and the origin of the wine. The Church of Santo Tomás is not to be missed while you stay here. And if you wish to enjoy the nature, try the climbing tours, or the kayaking tours around the town. In addition, the ones who like a birds view, don’t forget the hot air balloon tour for a fantastic view of vineyards and its surrounding area.

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