Fetes De Bayonne

The Fetes De Bayonne contains several festivals in North Basque Country in Bayonne, France. Feria refers to the annual festivals that are celebrated locally in Spain and parts of France. These are distinguished by bullfights, music and non-stop party. Fetes De Bayonne is a 5-day festival that takes place in Bayonne. It is one of the largest festivals of France. It begins on a Wednesday night when the mascot of the festival, King Leon, drops keys from the balcony. This festival then continues with parades, bullfights, music, dance, traditional competitions, and fireworks. Interestingly, the colors worn during this time are also red and white. This resembles the colors of bullfights in Spain. Some tourists also wear blue and white colors. 5 days at Fetes De Bayonne are worth the celebration and lots of fun.


You can start with a visit to Basque museum. This leads the perfect way to understand rich culture and lifestyle of people. Followed by L’Atelier du Chocolat, where you get to witness not just the process but details from texture to packing. Don’t forget to enjoy the tasting session in the end that leave you wanting for more. Another beautiful site is the Bayonne Cathedral. It has been on UNESCO World Heritage list for its magnificent spire that is over 80 meters. This Gothic cathedral is a beautiful spot. And if you are looking for regional food and goods, around the cathedral you will find the best shopping area in Bayonne. Enjoy your evenings in beautiful cafes or tasting delicious chocolates. Also, check out the Basque stores that sell specialties of the region.




Day 1

We camp around 35 minutes away from the festivities in Bayonne. There is a Bus Service that will take you from the campsite to the center and back. We will have guides on each bus and in the center helping you find your way into the festivities and giving you any information you may need.

For five nights the streets of the ancient French Basque capital of Bayonne fill with revelers, we will dodge fireworks and drink sangria, and we will dance and kiss the most delightful creatures France has to offer…

There are day festivities like parades, floats, traditional songs, and dances, however, some only go at night so you can make your own way there for day celebrations.

Includes the following:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner

Further customization is possible, please contact us.

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