Brahmaputra Beach Festival

Brahmaputra beach festival takes place every year. It is celebrated at the end of Harvest season in Assam is marked by the local festival called Magh Bihu. Firstly, local youth use bamboo, leaves and straw to build Meji huts. In these huts they eat their feast food. Next morning, they burn the huts and the festival begins! People celebrate by playing games such as tekeli bhonga (pot breaking). And also, dining around a bonfire. They also prepare traditional sweets such as rice cakes and coconut sweets.

To mark the occasion of Magh Bihu Festival, local Assamese organizations initiated the Brahmaputra Beach Festival! It is organized on the banks of Brahmaputra River. And this attracts all sport enthusiasts from across the North East Indian Region. The festival lets one to experience the atmosphere of Magh Bihu festival with its many special attractions. Chefs of traditional Assamese cuisine feed the hungry while tribal dancers entertain the culture lovers. Many small shops setup on the banks of Brahmaputra offer locally made products. Moreover, sport fans can join one of various sporting events. One can choose among beach cricket, water rafting, kayaking, ballooning and many more! Those looking for something more unusual can witness traditional games like elephant races or egg breaking. And little ones can enjoy kite flying. Come and experience this lively festival!

State of Assam, North East India

The Festival takes place in Guwahati, the largest city of Assam in North-East India. This region is also famous for its natural and cultural wonders. Nature lovers enjoy spotting exotic birds, trekking through forests, exploring rivers and waterfalls. Culture lovers visit holy temples, the land of black magic and… Silk! ‘Muga’ (Golden) and the ‘Eri’ (Ahimsa) silk are indigenous to Assam. And the silk worms survive only in weather conditions of Assam. Finally, as every region in India, Assam is famous for its exceptionally delicious traditional food.


Day 1

We greet you at Guwahati Airport and accompany you to the Lokhra homestay. In the afternoon, we visit the famous Basistha temple. Later in the evening, we go to spot birds at the nearby Dipor Bil Wildlife Sanctuary. And before it gets dark, we visit the holy Balaji Temple. At night, back at the homestay, bonfire and traditional Bodo dinner will be waiting for you.


Day 2

We wake up early and travel to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. After arriving, we go for Jeep Safari to spot one horned Rhinoceros of Assam, an endangered rhino breed indigenous to Assam. Later, we travel to Mayong, which is the famous land of black magic in India. Don’t be scared, it is no longer practiced. However, the Mayong museum provides an opportunity to see the relics of it. On the way back to the homestay, we stop by at Burha Mayong to see the longest Stone inscription in Asia (3.85 meters).


Day 3

Early morning, we visit the Umananda Temple which is situated on the smallest inhabited river island in the world. In the evening, we will have a lovely dinner aboard a river cruise on the Brahmaputra River.


Day 4

We wake up early to go to Chandubi Eco Camp, where we will have our breakfast. After breakfast, we do boat riding, bird watching, trekking and visit Joramukhuria forest village and waterfalls. After lunch at Chandubi Eco Camp, we will visit the North East Crafts museum and showroom of Handicrafts and Handlooms.


Day 5

Festival day! After breakfast, we will go to the Brahmaputra Beach Festival. We will spend the entire day at the Festival enjoying the various sporting events.


Day 6

We go to Suwalkuchi, also known as ‘The Manchester of the East’. In this Silk town of Assam, we will visit the Silk Museum and see a variety of traditional silks. Later, we travel to Hojo, the holy land of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists to visit the Poa Mecca shrine.


Day 7

We wake up early in the morning to visit the holy Kamakhya temple at Guwahati. After the last breakfast, you will go to Guwahati Airport to return home… or continue exploring India?

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