Bilbao BBK Live

Bilbao BBK Live is an annual music festival that takes place in Bilbao, northern Spain. It started officially when the city government decided upon open-air summer festival in 2005. At the beginning, the number of people that attended was over 50,000. And over the years, attendance has more than doubled.  The numbers went from 100,000 in 2011 to 200,000 in recent years. This festival has all the electric bands you can ever imagine. You will see international lineups throughout these 3 days of the festival. During the night there are some techno clubs that offer you parties till the sun rises. With music in the air and smell of greenery in the mountainside, this festival definitely steals hearts of everyone! And because of it’s constant successful years, it was nominated for ‘Best Foreign Festival’ in 2010 and 2011. And furthermore, also for the ‘Best Medium-Sized European Festival’ three years in a row! So join this festival and make the most of Europe’s best music summer festival of the year!


Bilbao offers a lot more to the tourists even after the festival ends. Being a culture lover, you would be pleased to know that the Guggenheim Museum marked on the map of Bilbao in the late 90’s. The buildings in Bilbao have unique designs. For example, centuries-old wine warehouse has turned into one of the most important hallmarks of the city. To enjoy some homemade beer and wine, Bilbao La Vieja is the place for you. Furthermore, the city offers not only public transport to travel within the city, many tourists love walks from one end to another of the city. The panoramic views from Artxanda one gets with help of cable car is worth seeing Bilbao from the top! And finally, there is nothing better than a long nap and walk on the beach that is 30 minutes from Bilbao. Surfers get to surf and rest can enjoy the waves and weather to its fullest

Includes the following:

  • Bus transportation
  • Camping accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner

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